Quality number one

At Bby Zorg, providing high-quality, safe and expert maternity care is our top priority. With our team of expert and skilled maternity nurses, we do everything we can to ensure that you experience a wonderful maternity period. That is why we also invest in improving the expertise of our employees.

ISO 9001 certificate

With the ISO 9001 certificate we demonstrate that we as an organization have our affairs in good order. Our quality is tested and examined annually. Not only with external control audits but also with internal control audits. Bby Zorg is 9001 certified. This shows that we are a reliable maternity care organization and employer that provides high-quality care to both clients and employees.


Qualified lactation consultants

Bby Zorg employs a number of lactation consultants who are in possession of an IBCLC certificate and are affiliated with the NVL (Dutch Association of Lactation Consultants)

SBB recognized training company

Bby Zorg employs one practical trainer up to level 6 and a practical trainer up to level 4. The practical trainers ensure that our maternity nurses remain properly trained. We have drawn up a multi-year training plan for this purpose. In addition, we are a through SBB recognized training company and we train new maternity nurses to become certified maternity nurses.

Knowledge Center for Maternity Care

Our maternity nurses attend mandatory and non-mandatory training courses every year to remain competent in their profession. By following further training, they obtain accreditation points that are kept in the quality register of Knowledge Center Maternity Care (KCKZ). This shows that our maternity nurses are certified and skilled in their profession.

Trade organization BO Birth Care

Bby Zorg is affiliated with a trade organization BO Birth care. The core task of BO maternity care is to provide national advocacy and support to healthcare organizations active in maternity care. Initially this is aimed at maternity care organizations, but in the long term it will also include maternity care providers in general.

Recognized training company

Bby Zorg is affiliated with the SBB as a recognized training company to train new maternity nurses

Trade organization BO maternity care

Key message: Maternity care is accessible and necessary care. It ensures a safe start, for healthier children and mothers, focuses on the self-reliance of parents and prevents expensive care now and later.

Knowledge Center Maternity Care (KCKZ)

Our maternity nurses are registered with the Maternity Care Knowledge Center (KCKZ). The accreditation points achieved are recorded in this quality register so that it can be demonstrated that the maternity nurses are authorized and competent to practice their profession.