Collaboration partners Gooi & Vechtstreek

Bby Zorg has various partners in the Gooi & Vechtstreek region, including Blaricum, Huizen, Naarden, Bussum, Hilversum and Laren.

Bby Zorg maternity care is a member of the Midwifery Collaboration Association (VSV) Gooi & Vechtstreek and the Maternity Care Collaboration Association (KSV) in the Gooi & Vechtstreek region.

Collaboration Tergooi MC

Bby Zorg has an intensive collaboration with the hospital Tergooi MC, in Hilversum, Avenue of Tergooi 2, 1212 VG Hilversum.

Outpatient delivery assistance

If there is no medical need to give birth in the hospital, but you think this is a safe idea, you can give birth with your own midwife, in the safe environment of the hospital. Because this is a 'relocated home birth', your midwife will be assisted by a maternity nurse from Tergooi or a clinical maternity nurse from Bby Zorg.

Our maternity nurses, who have also been trained as clinical maternity nurses through the MBO, are present in the obstetrics department at the midwife's request to directly assist the expectant parents and the midwife during the (outpatient) delivery.

The presence of a clinical maternity nurse from Bby Zorg during the outpatient delivery ensures that there is continuity and peace in the delivery room. That is pleasant for the expectant parents and the midwife. Because our maternity nurses have been extra trained as clinical maternity nurses, they are allowed to perform additional nursing tasks. In this way, they are a real support for midwives, nurses and expectant parents.

Maternity care at Neo-suites

If a mother has given birth to a baby who is admitted to the incubator department, the mother accompanies the baby to a so-called neo-suite. The baby is cared for there by a specialized nurse. In the case of a healthy mother (medically discharged) with a sick baby admitted to the hospital
neosuites, there is so-called relocated home care. The mother, who has no medical reasons to remain hospitalized, is allowed to stay in the room with her baby. The healthy mother is then cared for by a maternity nurse from the maternity care organization that has a collaboration agreement with Tergooi MC. Clients who are registered with Bby Zorg maternity care receive rescheduled maternity care in the hospital by a maternity nurse from our organization. The number of hours of maternity care is less than in the home situation because the care for the baby is provided by the hospital. We then speak of minimum maternity care hours, which amounts to approximately 3 hours per day.

Birth team Het Gooi

Tergooi MC has a collaboration with midwifery practice Judith Govers, together they form birth team Het Gooi.

Midwifery practices Gooi & Vechtstreek

 Below you will find an overview of the midwifery practices in the Gooi & Vechtstreek region.

Maternity care at home

Naturally, we also offer maternity care at home in the Gooi & Vechtstreek region. read here more about our maternity care? 

We recommend that you arrange registration for maternity care between the 12th and 16th week of pregnancy. click on to register to arrange maternity care immediately.