Are you soon to become a mother or have you recently given birth? As a pregnant or recently given birth mother, you have to deal with various healthcare providers within maternity care. Think of maternity care, midwifery, hospital, youth health care. We like to receive advice (solicited and unsolicited) from the best experienced experts, and that is you! 


Why a mother council?

We wish all parents a pleasant maternity period and a safe start with their baby. We put the maternity women at the center of our care. That is why we want to involve you in our care provision. Within our regional partnerships, the VSVs (Verloskundig Samenwerkings Verband), it is possible to participate in a mother council, also known as a parent council or client advisory council. As a member of the mother council, you are committed to the interests of other (future) parents in order to improve the quality of maternity care. We wish all parents a pleasant maternity period and a safe start with their baby.

A number of regional VSVs have already established a mother council and this is still on the agenda at some other VSVs.

What does participating in a parent council entail?

Several times a year you will be invited to consult with maternity care professionals. How did you experience the care surrounding your pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period? What went well? What can be improved? Your experiences help us to further improve care for other maternity women and to raise the quality of care to an even higher level. 

Register for the mother council

Would you like to register for participation in the mother council of Haga Juliana Kinderziekenuis? 

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