Customized maternity care

You are pregnant! An exciting time is coming. Naturally you want the best maternity care during and after your delivery. For us, tailor-made maternity care means taking into account the specific wishes and situation of the parents. You naturally expect high-quality, safe and professional maternity care. We arrange this care for you. Moreover, we provide personal and loving attention to you, your child and your family. The postpartum period is one of the important moments in your life. For that reason, we want you to have fond memories of this time.

What you can expect from Bby Zorg

Bby Maternity care is there for you during pregnancy, your delivery and the special postpartum period afterwards. That is why we are available 24 hours a day.

Our maternity nurses concernand for a safe start, for healthier children and mothers and focus on the self-reliance of the parents. 

First and foremost, care for mother and child is central. It is important that you can recover well from the birth and that you receive excellent guidance in the care of your newborn child.

The maternity nurse also takes a number tasks from you so that you can recover well from the birth. She carries out daily medical checks to monitor the health of you and your child and reports this in the maternity care file. In addition, she is in close contact with the midwife who carries out the follow-up checks during the maternity week. The midwife is ultimately responsible during your maternity period. 

The maternity nurse will also consult with the midwife in the event of any complications.

Our maternity nurses are of course qualified and therefore authorized and competent to practice their profession. They also regularly attend (mandatory) further training. In short, they are well informed of the latest developments.

Customized maternity care, think of a few more hours in the first days than the last days. We do this to ensure that there are sufficient moments to monitor the nutrition and provide tips and advice. If your need for hours of maternity care exceeds the hours allocated by your insurance, you can request additional (private) maternity care hours from us. You can request the rates for this from us

Moreover, we are not only there for mother and child, the rest of the family also has a new family member and has to get used to the new situation. That is why our maternity nurses will do everything they can to give you and your family a pleasant and unforgettable maternity period.

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Register for our maternity care

You can register for maternity care as soon as you know you are pregnant. Our advice is to do this between the 12th and 16th week so that you are assured of full hours of maternity care. After your registration, you will receive a care agreement from us. Once you have signed this digitally, your registration is final. We will of course send you confirmation of this. Finally, you will have an intake interview around the 30th week. On the page interview we explain what you can expect from this conversation

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