Duties of the maternity nurse

Your maternity nurse is a real healthcare professional. She offers you expert maternity care and helps you and your family during this special week. She closely monitors the health of mother and baby and provides you and your family with information, tips and advice. So that after this maternity period you are self-reliant in caring for your child. Moreover, she is focused on offering you the best quality maternity care

Duties of the maternity nurse

Performs medical checks on the maternity woman and the baby, such as checking temperature and weight.

Physical care of the maternity woman and baby.

Teaches you how to bathe the baby safely.

Provides education and information about skin-to-skin contact.

Provides information, instruction and guidance on (breast)feeding the baby.

Reports in the (digital) maternity file and, if necessary, to the midwife.

Keeps sanitary facilities, baby and maternity rooms clean on a daily basis.

Performs household duties.

Takes care of the other family members.

Gives tips and advice and offers you a listening ear.

It is important that you feel comfortable with the maternity nurse. She makes agreements with you at the start so that your wishes and expectations can be met. Therefore, please clearly state your wishes and expectations during the intake interview with the aim of ensuring that we can make a good match.

National maternity care quality register

First and foremost, Bby Zorg wants to offer you a safe start. For this reason, we ensure that all our maternity nurses are registered in the quality register Knowledge Center for Maternity Care.

This way you are assured that you will receive your maternity care from an expert and professional maternity nurse.