We would like to meet you during a personal conversation around the 30th week of your pregnancy. We will contact you by telephone to make an appointment. We prefer to come to your home. We do this because we want to answer all your questions. Moreover, we want to give you good preparation for your upcoming birth. We can also estimate which type of maternity nurse is best suited to your family.


During the intake interview, which lasts about an hour, we provide information about the preparations in the run-up to your delivery and the maternity period. You can of course indicate specific wishes and agreements will be made regarding maternity care. These agreements are recorded in the maternity file.

During the intake, an initial indication will also be given of the number of maternity care hours to which you are entitled. This is done on the basis of the National Indication Protocol (LIP). This is a care indication model developed by health insurers. Read more about the number of hours of maternity care that you will be reimbursed at: Hours of maternity care, costs and insurance

Practical information

The intake interview takes approximately 1 hour.

There is plenty of room to ask all your questions during the intake interview. We provide you with practical information to prepare you as best as possible for the arrival of your child. We are also happy to explain what you can expect from the maternity nurse, what care you will receive and ask how we can help you as best as possible during the maternity week. We tailor our maternity care to your personal wishes, that is tailor-made maternity care.

Read more about what you can expect from our maternity nurses at tasks of the maternity nurse


Identification obligation

To ensure that we link the correct data to the right person, we are legally obliged to check your identity. That is why we ask you to show a valid passport, identity card, driver's license or alien document at the intake. During your registration, your BSN number will be recorded in our electronic patient file (EPD). The BSN number is a unique and personal number. We check the BSN number with the number on the ID. Naturally, we handle this personal data with the utmost care in accordance with privacy legislation.


Topics of intake interview

The hours according to it National Indication Protocol (LIP).

Your personal situation, wishes and expectations of you (and your family)

Nutrition of your child

Duties of maternity nurse

Insurance / personal contribution

Preparing for childbirth

Maternity care file

Occupational health and safety checklist

Veilig slapen

Sleep safely

During the intake interview we also provide information about how your baby can sleep safely. Read more about this on the website


Persoonlijke situatie en wensen

Personal situation and wishes

We would like to hear about your personal situation and your wishes so that we can make the best possible match between you and your maternity nurse.