Working at Bby Zorg

We are always looking for new maternity nurses! This is because we are a growing organization. But what makes it so much fun to work for Bby Zorg?

Small-scale regional teams


To start with, at Bby Zorg you will work in small-scale regional teams. This means you will experience personal attention from us. At the same time, we want you to experience job satisfaction and that your work and private life have a good balance. We achieve this by offering you the opportunity to work according to a fixed schedule so that you also have time free to exercise or go out for an evening, for example.

We are careful with you!


We want to take good care of you, because you take good care of our clients. We do this by investing in sustainable employability, but also by investing in your personal development. That is why we regularly organize various further training courses. This will keep you competent in your profession as a maternity nurse. In short, we offer good employment practices.

SBB recognized training company

We are an SBB-recognized training company and have a practical trainer up to level 6 and 4. Bby Zorg trains certified maternity nurses in shortened learning-work programs.

Employment conditions

We offer good employment practices and adhere to the collective labor agreement for maternity care. The collective labor agreement offers standard holiday allowance, waiting allowance, ORT, end-of-year bonus, pension accrual and travel allowance



Various contract types are possible, from a minimum of 24 to 30 hours. For a contract of 28 hours or more, we can discuss the options for driving a lease car.

Outpatient parturition assistance HMC Westeinde The Hague and Tergooi MC Hilversum

Bby Zorg provides outpatient parturition assistance in the Haaglanden Medical Center (HMC Westeinde) in collaboration with several maternity care organizations. For this purpose we have a schedule with fixed days during which we can be called.

We also provide daily outpatient parturition assistance in Tergooi MC in Hilversum. This means that, for example, you are scheduled for a shift in the hospital where you supervise all outpatient deliveries that arrive during your shift. This means that you, as a maternity nurse, remain competent and skilled in supervising deliveries.

Because you work with a fixed schedule, you know exactly when you have to work and when you are free.

In addition, you will receive additional training as a maternity nurse, which will allow you to perform more nursing tasks within the hospital.

Finally, the best part, you are part of the friendly team at Tergooi Hospital.

Maternity nurse vacancy

We currently have a vacancy for a certified maternity nurse for the region of The Hague and Gooi & Vechtstreek. View the full vacancy at maternity nurse vacancy

Vacancy maternity nurse in training

Excited to become our colleague?

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