In times of extreme crowds, when you leave the hospital late or when there is minimal maternity care at home, Bby Zorg's certified maternity nurses still care for you and your baby by offering e-consultations.

Digital support

In addition to physical maternity care at your home, Bby Zorg maternity care also offers digital support in the form of E-consultations (video calling/instructional films). In this way, in times of extreme crowds, we can better distribute care among all clients. Naturally, we will continue to provide physical maternity care at all times.

In addition to maternity care at home, we offer you an E-consult (digital information and instruction) during the maternity week, if there is minimal maternity care (24 hours pw/3 hours pd). An E-consult is an appointment in the form of video calling. This consultation is of course with a certified maternity nurse from Bby Zorg.

Even if you come home from the hospital in the evening and no maternity nurse can come by, you will still be helped in this way so that you can get through the first night with your baby. We schedule this E-consult until 10:00 PM in the evening.

The costs for digital care are reimbursed by most health insurers and you do not pay a personal contribution for these hours.